Power Management ICs

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Power Management ICs are in stock at Chips-pulse Electronics from varieties of industry leading manufacturers. Chips-pulse is an excellent distributor of electronic components leading board to Power Management ICs. such as Torex Semicon,Analog Devices,Linear Tech,Maxim Integrated,MORNSUN Guangzhou S& T,Infineon Technologies,Shenzhen Fuman Elec,Shanghai Mingda Microelectronics,ON Semiconductor,ESHION and more.Please view our large selection of Power Management ICs below.
IMAGE PART NO PRICE QTY STOCK MANUFACTURER PACKAGE PACKAGING PRODUCT CATEGORY Manual Reset Manufacturer Number of Inputs Monitored Output Type Package / Case Packaging Threshold Voltage Type
TLE9262BQXV33XUMA1 Power Management Specialized - PMIC BODY SYSTEM ICS
1+ $7.82640
10+ $6.91857
30+ $6.36588
100+ $5.90202
Infineon Technologies PG-VQFN-48 Power Management Specialized - PMIC Cut Tape or Reel Infineon PG-VQFN-48 Cut Tape or Reel Automotive System IC
XC6201P282PR-G LDO Voltage Regulators 10V Three Terminals Voltage Regulator
Torex Semiconductor SOT-89-3 LDO Voltage Regulators Cut Tape or Reel Torex Semiconductor Fixed SOT-89-3 Cut Tape or Reel Positive Voltage
ISL854102FRZ-T7A Switching Voltage Regulators 40Vin 1.2A Synchronous Switching Regulator 4x3 12ld DFN 250p
Renesas / Intersil DFN-12 Switching Voltage Regulators Cut Tape or Reel Renesas Electronics DFN-12 Cut Tape or Reel
AP9101CK6-ANTRG1 Battery Management Multicell Batt Manager
40+ $0.18550
200+ $0.14299
1500+ $0.12444
Diodes Incorporated SOT-26-6 Battery Management Cut Tape or Reel Diodes Incorporated SOT-26-6 Cut Tape or Reel
BD33IC0MEFJ-LBH2 LDO Voltage Regulators 1.0A 5.5-2.5 Vin LDO Industrial HTSOP-J8
1+ $5.92688
10+ $1.72568
50+ $1.00764
100+ $0.91796
500+ $0.85733
1000+ $0.84630
2000+ $0.83666
4000+ $0.83252
ROHM Semiconductor HTSOP-J8 LDO Voltage Regulators Cut Tape or Reel ROHM Semiconductor Fixed HTSOP-J8 Cut Tape or Reel Industrial Grade
BU45K282G-TL Supervisory Circuits 2.8V 200ms SSOP3 Nch Volt Detctr IC
1+ $0.37577
ROHM Semiconductor SSOP3-3 Supervisory Circuits Cut Tape or Reel No Manual Reset ROHM Semiconductor 1 Input Open Drain SSOP3-3 Cut Tape or Reel 2.8 V Voltage Detectors
XC61CC5402NR-G Supervisory Circuits
Torex Semiconductor SSOT-24-4 Supervisory Circuits Cut Tape or Reel No Manual Reset Torex Semiconductor 1 Input CMOS SSOT-24-4 Cut Tape or Reel 5.4 V Voltage Monitors
MCP1703AT-5002E/MC LDO Voltage Regulators LOW Iq, High Vin LDO
1+ $0.43777
Microchip Technology DFN-8 LDO Voltage Regulators Cut Tape or Reel Microchip Fixed DFN-8 Cut Tape or Reel Low Quiescent Current
S-8232APFT-T2-G Battery Management 4.28V 2-Cell Serial
ABLIC TSSOP-8 Battery Management Reel ABLIC TSSOP-8 Reel Battery Protection IC
S-1135A15-A6T1U LDO Voltage Regulators LINEAR LDO REG HI 60UA IQ 300MA IOUT
ABLIC HSNT-6A-6 LDO Voltage Regulators Reel ABLIC HSNT-6A-6 Reel