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E-Components Distribution by Chips Pulse E-Components  At Chips Pulse, we take pride in being a leading distributor of electronic components, catering to a wide range of industries and sectors.  With a robust network of suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure that our clients have access to a diverse selection of high-quality e-components to meet their specific needs and... 27/02/2024
Nvidia's Record-Breaking Performance in Q4 and Beyond In a remarkable display of growth and innovation, Nvidia's Q4 revenue soared a staggering 265% year-over-year, reaching an impressive $22.1 billion. The company's profitability also excelled, with Q4 profits hitting $12.3 billion. The full-year revenue painted a similarly impressive picture, rising by 126% year-over-year to reach $60.9 b... 26/02/2024
Exploring the Variances Between Circuit Breakers and Fuses Circuit breakers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of electrical systems in homes and businesses. These electrical switches act as safeguards against power overloads and short-circuiting, preventing potential hazards and damage to devices and properties. When it comes to the installation of electric circuitry, ensuring the prote... 23/02/2024
Components of Electronic Devices: Introduction An electronic component is like the building block of electronic systems! It's a fundamental discrete electronic device or physical entity that plays a crucial role in manipulating electrons or their associated fields within circuits. These components are predominantly industrial products, typically existing in singular forms. It's impor... 22/02/2024
Innovative Power Converter Breakthrough at UC San Diego and CEA-Leti Researchers at UC San Diego and CEA-Leti have made a groundbreaking advancement in power conversion technology with the development of a piezoelectric-based DC-DC converter. This converter consolidates all power switches onto a single chip, thereby significantly increasing power density and efficiency. By combining the strengths of piezoelect... 21/02/2024
Graphcore Reportedly Seeking Buyer Amid Investor Interest Graphcore, a leading semiconductor company known for its cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence and machine learning, has reportedly set its sights on finding a buyer. Investors have signaled their confidence in the company by increasing the value of their stakes, anticipating a potential sale that could reach up to $500 million. ... 20/02/2024
How to Test a Capacitor: Different Methods Understanding how to test a capacitor is crucial for maintaining optimal power performance in electronic components. Capacitors play a vital role in storing voltage for electronic circuits. Electrolytic capacitors are commonly used in transistor power supplies, while non-electrolytic capacitors help regulate current flow within circuits. To e... 19/02/2024
Amazec Photonics Secures €1.5 Million Seed Round for Revolutionizing Medical Diagnostics Amazec Photonics, a pioneering Dutch startup in the field of photonics, has recently closed a significant €1.5 million Seed Round to propel the development of their groundbreaking minimally invasive medical diagnosis devices. Spearheaded by PhotonDelta, a prominent cross-border growth accelerator and an ecosystem of photonic chip technology... 18/02/2024
Monitoring Current in SiC Power MOSFET Modules: The Nano Current Sensor LEM, a leader in electrical measurement, and Semikron Danfoss, a prominent player in the power electronics industry, have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking innovation in automotive power management. Their collaboration has resulted in the development of Nano, a high-performance current sensor specifically designed to monitor current in... 31/01/2024
Belgium Joins Artemis Accords for Participation in NASA's Space Program Belgium has recently made a significant stride in the realm of space exploration by becoming the 34th country to sign the Artemis Accords. These accords, established as a space governance agreement between the United States and several other national governments, pave the way for international collaboration in the Artemis space program led by NA... 30/01/2024
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